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Are you in a band or music group?

Is your roommate in a band or music group?

Is your brother in a band or music group?

Is your mom in a band or music group?

We need indie music for the Young Bolsheviks soundtrack! Music genres should be rock, punk, pop, reggae, hip hop, or rap and be social conscious in theme.   International music welcomed!

From all songs submitted we will select two to be on the Young Bolsheviks soundtrack.

Submit songs to YBMusicContest@gmail.com

  • Music must be professionally recorded.
  • Each band or music group may ONLY submit two tracks, so pick your two favorites.
  • Song themes or lyrics MUST be socially conscious in some way.
  • Explicit lyrics accepted within reason.
  • Each song must be owned by the person/group submitting.  You MUST own the rights or have permission to use the lyrics and music.
  • File formats accepted are .wav, .aiff, or FLAC.  You may submit your song in .mp3, but if selected we will eventually request a higher quality file.
  • You WILL NOT receive any payment for the use of your song.
  • You WILL receive a credit in the film and on the film's IMDB page.
  • The deadline for submissions is May  31, 2018.
  • We are not responsible for lost files. 
The top 3 bands or music groups selected will get a SKYPE call with the director and maybe an actor on set.  
We will have a page dedicated to showcasing some of our favorite submissions from around the world.