Casting for Young Bolsheviks:

Send headshots, resumes and demo reels to

Please put YB Casting and the role you are submitting for in the Subject line of your submission email!

(i.e. Subject: YB Casting - Nick)

After we receive your information you may be asked to send a video audition.  Not everyone who submits will be asked to audition.

LOCAL TEXAS talent preferred!  We DO NOT have a budget for transportation or lodging!

Production location: DFW, Dallas area cities

Production dates: May 29 - July 3

SAG Ultra Low Budget!

Thank you,

Eddie Lee Henderson

writer/director/mad man

We are still accepting submissions for the roles of Nick and Hollywood.


22-25; caucasian

College Senior film student; suburban slacker; from an affluent home; needs to go from lazy to a leader; Suffers from depression and has some desperate moments; full range of emotions is a must!


22-25; caucasian

Rich suburban, Alpha college frat guy type;  athletic build; has a dark side; charismatic; controlling; could be considered a bully at times.  As the film progresses he becomes more unhinged and mentally ill which takes its form in violence.  Must be able to play tender and emotionally hurt as well.

Available Supporting Roles

Other Bolsheviks


(supporting) Male; 18-22; Black; suburban



(supporting) Male; 18-22; Any ethnicity; suburban



(supporting) Male; 18-22; any ethnicity; suburban



(supporting) Male; 18-22; male; suburban


Jeffrey Miller

(supporting) Male; 18-22; any ethnicity


(supporting) Male; 18-22; any ethnicity



(supporting) Female; black; 18-22





(supporting) Male; dark hair; white or mixed ethnicity 50s - father of the Nick, the main character



(supporting) Male; 8-10; black; precaucious brother of Nelson; suburban


Joan’s grandfather

(supporting) Male; 70s; White - ultra conservative



(supporting) Male; 40s - 50s; White; Texan; hard-edged, conservative


Che’s mom

(supporting) Female; 40s - 50s; white or Hispanic


Che’s dad

(supporting) Male;  50s; white or Hispanic


Nelson's mom

(supporting) Female; 40s - 50s; Black;  hard working suburban mom; mother of two



(supporting) Female; white or mixed ethnicity; 40s, 50s - Doctor and mother of the main character Nick


Hollywood's Dad

(supporting) Male; 50s; white - very liberal

Hollywood's Dad's girlfriend

(supporting) Female; late 20s; white or Hispanic -c


College Characters

Ms King

(supporting) Female; White; 50s-60s; no nonsense college film professor

Female college student

(supporting) Female; 20-24; any ethnicity

Male college student

(supporting) Male; 20-24; any ethnicity



Police Officers


Police Officer #1

(supporting) Male; White; 30s, stocky build - New-ish to the force


Police Officer #2

(supporting) Male; 40s-50s; Caucasian; average build - seasoned officer


Police Officer #3

(supporting) Male; 30s - 50s; suburban; any ethnicity


Police Officer #4

(supporting) Female; 30s-50s; Any ethnicity


Police Officer #5

(supporting) Male; 30s-50s; any ethnicity


Other Supporting


Coffee shop manager

(supporting) Male or female; early 20s; any ethnicity

Soccer mom #1

(supporting) Female; very suburban; any ethnicity; 20s-40s

Soccer mom #2

(supporting) Female; very suburban; Caucasian; 20s-40s


(supporting) Male or Female; 40s-50s; any ethnicity; Very suburban concerned citizen

Park mom #1

(supporting) Female; white; 20s-40s; suburban

Park mom #2

(supporting) Female; any ethnicity; 20s-40s

Chief Powell

(supporting) Male; 50s; white; suburban police chief; father of Venus

Richard Mauvay

(supporting) Male; Caucasian; 50s - Corporate executive taken captive by the Bolsheviks

Troy Breasal

(supporting) Male; Caucasian; 50s - 60s - Corporate executive taken captive by the Bolsheviks

Mrs Breasal

(supporting) Female; 40s-50s; white - Suburban; Wife of Troy

Government Official #1

(supporting) Male; 40s-60s; any ethnicity -

Government Official #2

(supporting) Male or Female; 40s-60s; any ethnicity


Police sergeant

(supporting) Male; 50s-60s; Caucasian



(supporting) Male or Female; 30s; any ethnicity


FBI agent #1

(supporting) Male; 50s-60s; any ethnicity


Javari Glover

(featured extra) Male; Black, 14-16


Soccer mom who joins the Bolsheviks

(featured extra)  - Female; 30s, hot soccer mom type; Caucasian or Hispanic


Female Passenger

(featured extra) female; any age; any ethnicity


Bachelor game player #1

(featured extra) Male; 20s-30s; any ethnicity - Gamer


Bachelor game player #2 

(featured extra) Male; 20s-30s; any ethnicity - Gamer

Guy watching Fight Club 

(featured extra) Male; 30s; any ethnicity


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